Работа в IT Svit


IT Svit — one of the leading Managed Services Providers in UkraineLike any other IT consulting company, we can endlessly talk about our leading position in the industry, competitive salaries, interesting projects and a team of highly-motivated specialists. In our case, it will even be true, as Clutch named IT Svit #1 in the top list of Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies in 2017-2018 and one of top 10 Managed Services Providers worldwide.


However, we take our pride in something else. We believe working in an IT outsourcing company is much more than simply writing the code, testing the machine learning models, designing the websites and apps or deploying the Kubernetes environments to ensure CI/CD software delivery.  


We believe that the software is already eating this world, as Marc Andreessen has said back in 2011. We believe that the future will bring even more fascinating products and incredible opportunities we could not have even imagined several years ago.